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237ml | 8fl. Oz

Looking for a natural way to cleanse your dog’s ears? TRUE LEAF Cleansing Ear Drops for Dogs use oregano oil, a powerful and natural compound, to help soothe and cleanse your pet’s ears. Our specially formulated ear drops also contain olive oil, which helps support optimal ear health and function. Keep your pup’s ears healthy and free of infection with TRUE LEAF Cleansing Ear Drops!

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If your pup is experiencing obnoxious ear issues, you may consider the power of the oil of oregano. TRUE LEAF Cleansing Ear Drops are an ideal solution to pesky dog ear issues or buildup.

For years, people have turned to the holistic properties of oregano oil to help with a range of internal and external ailments. This powerful natural compound is useful in providing a cleansing solution for a pet that is experiencing ear problems.

Pet-friendly oregano oil hosts an impressive array of properties that are sure to mend even the peskiest of ear ailments. TRUE LEAF Cleansing Ear Drops are specially formulated with oregano oil for dogs and are used to cleanse the ears while supporting optimal ear health and functioning. Combined with olive oil, our dog ear drops are designed to cleanse and remove wax or buildup within the ear canal.


Mediterranean Oregano Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Allow drops to fall into ear. Apply extra drops to a cotton ball, clean inside ear lobe. Utilize 3 drops per ear daily for a minimum of 3 days.